Dominika Owczarek

Being born and raised in Warsaw and having moved to Amsterdam for my studies, I do believe I was able to observe the best of both worlds - inimitable dynamics from the former and a certain eclecticism from the latter.
In the process of new encounters and experiences, I realised I wanted to combine my current degree with a creative outlet which led me to creating this website.

Matthew's designs for Central Saint Martins

The best part of this hobby is that I never know where it's going to take me. In this particular case, we followed the camera all the way into the woods in the middle of a Polish village to photograph my friend's newly designed garments.

I am currently an International Business Administration student at the Erasmus University, but I use  photography and editing as my creative funnel,  to which I dedicate most of my free time.
That, for example, gave me a chance to work with an Amsterdam based clothing boutique, Velour, for whom as a part of their garment promotion on social media, I converted my balcony into an impromptu photo studio.


Inspired by Anna Koblish photography, I wanted to experiment with saturation and achieve a "scanning effect". Julia's and my trip to Egypt was a perfect opportunity to do that.