My visual personal statement

My name is Dominika and I believe in multi-dimensionality. Just as no man is an island, no skill, talent or expertise stands on its own.

What may seem as an irrelevant hobby at first can add a new layer of perspective, hence complementing our point of view. This portfolio is a practical demonstration of my sentiment.
During my second internship at a creative agency called Zerotrillion, the American jewellery brand, David Yurman, approached us with a task to essentially make the brand “more aspirational for Gen Z”.
After many brainstorming sessions and selection processes, we combined our best ideas together and created a series of brand identity proposals.
Leaning into photography, three of my ideas made it to the final version of the deck and were presented to the client. The “Unbroken Chain of Creativity” was a reference to David Yurman’s famous chain jewellery design and proposed to involve young fashion photographers, who by thinking outside the box, would be able to create an entirely new side to the brand.
The idea of creating a “Wild Conservatory” stemmed from my great interest in the school long before my application. I thought that since David Yurman is a family business with deep artisanal roots, there is no better way to highlight them than through the up-and-coming talents of the new generation.
“Yurman Muses” aimed at unveiling the more natural side of the brand, showing real fashion enthusiasts in an undirected setting rather than perfectly polished campaigns.

On a personal note…

Slides presented above demonstrate a snippet of how I use interest in photography as a tool in a professional/branding setting.

What is photography when I just want to be… me?

Contrasts. I love expressing my world through clashes, juxtapositions and exaggerations.
Brand promotion in the pandemic reality became a challenge, especially for small businesses, where brick and mortar was the foundation. To support businesses in my local neighbourhood, I joined forces with the Velour boutique and created a series of photos meant to promote their garments through social media channels.
As COVID-19 restrictions limited the range of possibilities, I decided to shoot on the balcony of my apartment making use of props that were already at hand. Digital as well as analog photography mediums were used to experiment with different light qualities.


Matthew's designs for Central Saint Martins

My friend Matthew studying Textile Design at CSM asked me to photograph his work for a midterm project. We utilised what Poland has plenty of - the woods. The decision to use nature as our backdrop was made to highlight the contrasts of the fabrics and bold colours of the garments as well as the difference of the man made latex and crocheted details.


Nature’s Editorial

Ongoing Personal Project

These are the results of experimentation in my free time. The following photoshoots were made during holidays exploring the possibilities of surroundings and creating interesting images that comment on the relationship between a man and the environment.
I was drawn to the juxtaposition of the scratched door and window and the gravel-like sand with the polished makeup and a white shirt styled with a beaded vest. The afternoon light emphasised especially on the second and third photo, ties the composition together.
The idea behind this photoshoot was to play on the qualities of the surroundings. Styling was done accordingly to best integrate with the movements of water.

Oversized pants mimic the gentle flow of the waves and a sheer fitted top plasters itself around the model’s body giving the illusion of a second skin.
During my trip to the Alps, I was inspired by the contrast between the natural and pure beauty of the mountains compromised by the fully concrete architecture of the 70s towering over them. When I noticed this truly mysterious booth, I thought of a Barbie box and decided to strip down the stereotypical doll and create a “brutalist Barbie”.